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Reading daily – Did you know the Benefits of Reading daily?

Are you a reader- Do you read a book or a magazine daily – Do you read for some time compulsorily every day?
If the answer to all the above questions is an emphatic No…Read on, you would certainly want to change after reading this:
Reading a book everyday certainly has its benefits. Let us look at some of the Key advantages:

Mentally active and Stimulated:

Various studies and important researches have shown that staying mentally active and stimulated can prevent chronic mental illnesses such as Alzheimer's and Dementia, since keeping your brain active, stimulated and engaged is an important part of building a powerful mind. Your brain, just like any other body part needs to be exercised frequently. Just like any other muscle in the body, the brain requires regular exercise to keep it strong and healthy, as goes the saying "use it or lose it" is particularly appropriate when it comes to your mind. Puzzles and playing games such as chess are also wonderful when it comes to stimulating your mind cognitively.
So, read a Book, preferably every day and keep your mind active and exercise your brain.

Reducing Stress:

Did you know that, Reading for just six minutes a day can reduce your stress by 68%. Whether we like it or not, Stress is a part of our lives and the times we live in. A good Book transports you into a different world and a good story helps you move into another realm. A great novel not only moves you, but also helps you stay in the present, there by pulling you away from the past events that triggered the stress. A great novel could be the stress buster that you have always lacked.
So, read a Book daily. You don’t need to stress yourself to try whether it works 😊. Pick your favorite book now!


Knowledge leads to information gathering and information could be turned into wisdom that could be passed on. Everything you read provides you with little bits of information that will come in handy, when you need it. You might not know when they will come in handy – a job interview or a good conversation with a friend are instances where they come in handy and helps you stand out and earn respect. Knowledge is Power, it is an asset that no one can take away from you. It is permanent and it is yours. Books are the best available source of knowledge.
So, read a Book daily. Pick your favorite book now! They are your constant knowledge source.

Expands your Vocabulary:

Here is the deal – how would you like if you pick a new word every time you read a page. Sounds wonderful, isn’t it! Every book that you read is an addition to your armor, that helps you enormously your self confidence in dealing with different situations that you would come across in life. Folks that demonstrate knowledge across a variety of topics get ahead as they are more articulate and confident. Reading books also helps you know about different cultures, learn new languages quicker and deal with cross cultural barriers better. What are we waiting for?
Get going… read a Book daily. Pick your favorite book now!

Improves Memory:

While reading a book, you remember events, characters and their uniqueness that help you relate to various aspects that the author is trying to bring about. This is a key aspect upon which a reader enhances ones’ memory. Every new memory that you derive out of reading a book enhances your ability to relate to an event that happened a while ago as the book might move back and forth in time. This is a wonderful way that our human mind builds its ability to remember. Isn’t that lovely!
So, read a Book daily. Books not only gives you lasting memories, but also helps you enhance your memory. Pick your favorite book now!

Am sure you are rushing towards that favorite book of yours. Go for it, it’s amazing to read everyday.

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