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Ultimate platform for book reviews, We encourage you to express you to write book reviews,
ask for book reviews and all of it in your own language

Go Global, Write Local

Express yourself through book reviews and list of recommendations in your own language. Your go-to reading community app supports seven regional languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, and Marathi.

As a local language app, Siteabook enables readers to find your next reads through reviews, share book reviews in diverse languages, and make friends and network with fellow readers across languages. You can follow master reviewers and follow your favorite reviewer to buy your next read at great deals. We have personalized recommendations for readers in individual languages and more social interaction between book lovers, where they can engage and build a community to spread the joy of reading.

You can customize the language from English to your preferred regional language and gain a following for flair of the written word, share recommendations, and your next favorite book.

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Siteabook at a glance

Siteabook, A booklovers Paradise at a Glance

You search for any book genre and we get it for you. Across languages and authors. Be the first one to download and have a community of your own and share you personal reading room with your friends.

Leadership Talk

Manikandan Krishnan

Founder & CEO

Siteabook is very personal for me. Having been an avid reader myself, we set out to build a platform that would help booklovers express themselves about their favorite books and it is rewarding and fulfilling to note that lakhs of people like what we have at Siteabook.

In some time, the Siteabook universe would be a place where folks would get every possible platform to ‘Express themselves’- a place where one could write reviews, blogs and short stories, in their language of choice, over time.

Indian languages present us with the fascinating diversity that is quite incomparable to anything and we are delighted to be in 8 languages with more on the anvil.

Our endeavor would be to enrich the reading, writing and the publishing eco system in whatever way that we could, in a small way.

We assure you that we would create the best user experience for all our users across all our platforms. We would listen, continuously improve and make it a rewarding experience for everyone that use Siteabook.


Manikandan Krishnan


Lakshmi Krishna Iyengar


Lakshmi Krishna Iyengar


Helping build Siteabook has been quite a learning experience. With not many such platforms for reference, we followed a simple yardstick, ‘ build something that we personally would love to use’. Siteabook would always deploy exceptional technology that would create fabulous experience for all our user.

We believe at Siteabook that our users would drive us to continuously improve and we assure you that we would constantly communicate with them to help us evolve into one of the best platforms that has been built for folks to ‘express themselves’.

Expect the best technology to be deployed right here at Siteabook.

What readers and book lovers say about Siteabook

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  • Awesome Image
    Awesome Image

    As a book lover with limited time to read, I look before I leap--I need to know before I purchase if the book is worth my time & money. Besides the basic research of reading the back cover, I rely on previous readers' reviews in order to make a decision. Earlier, readers' reviews on booksellers' sit...

    Prakash Bebington

    August 26, 2017
  • Awesome Image
    Awesome Image

    Yeah!!! This is too good an app for our generation... I was not even a book turner!! This app suddenly popped.. n i gotta know lil' abt the books n stuff... This really helped! Now i make it a point to read atleast one a month

    Nigam Krish

    August 14, 2017
  • Awesome Image
    Awesome Image

    Great concept! Loved the accuracy of the suggestions! A very good and handy app from book lovers!

    Hamsa Nandhini

    March 6, 2017
  • Awesome Image
    Awesome Image

    A best place for reading all types of books and sharing best within friends. My bookshelf helps in creating my own collection as if I have at my home. Many more best options are available and I suggest this app for everyone.

    Ananth Tark

    March 4, 2017
  • Awesome Image
    Awesome Image

    Great App for all the book lovers. Just a click away and get reviews about any book we want. It recommends books based on genres and interest. What is Interesting is, we can share and invite friends to the reading room. I like the app. Good one for now.

    Shankar Ranganathan

    August 9, 2017
  • Awesome Image
    Awesome Image

    Great app to find reviews for your fav book before you purchase. I have seen some reviews ppl mis understanding this app concept as free ebooks...this app is for reviewing books...

    Sangeetha Kumar

    November 8, 2017

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